Message from the Chairman
Sunil Mysore
Chairman - Old Cottonians' Association 2020-2021
Dear Old Cottonians,

Greetings to you from the OCA! We would like to compliment Col Lalit Rai, VrC, the Patron of the OCA and Prof.Dr. S Edwin Christopher, the Principal and President of the OCA for their thoughtful messages on our new website. We are grateful for their support and wisdom.

Our Patron has highlighted the importance of humanity and true friends in his message. The OCA is leveraging its resources through social media, e-mails, website, Zoom, technology, Whatsapp and even post cards to help reach out to OCs. The OCA committee is constituted with members from various batches.. It's a culmination of youth, energy, experience, technology, diversity and unity.

Covid-19 has presented numerous challenges. Physical meetings have become Zoom meetings through video conferencing. We  had physical meetings in smaller groups with Covid-19 norms. There are 28 batch coordinators through Whatsapp to help us reach out to OCs. The batch coordinators have been instrumental in getting our numbers up. We hope to get up to several thousands by the end of the term.

Plans for the year and a brief update:

1. Membership Database
We are consolidating our database. We are going through the ledgers that have been in existence for decades and integrating the data with our e-mail database on a step by step basis. We need your help to validate the information through the DRP or perhaps through the website within the near future.DRP-DRP stands for database registration platform. We have been working on updating the details of OCs throughout the world through an online platform.

2. Amending our Constitution
We are planning to update the constitution and get it approved & accepted at an EGM. This is based on feedback and suggestions from the AGM. We are debating issues such as online voting, conducting Managing Committee by virtual meetings through Zoom and finding a way for OCs to participate from around the world in our events.

3. Website
We have done a soft launch with the new website and after assimilating feedback we will be going live to a larger audience. Kudos to the team for making this happen.

This stands for Cottonian Alumni Response for Emergencies. We have saved lives with this programme and organised blood donations. We are exploring possibilities for getting better access to vaccinations. With an interactive website it will be beneficial and advantageous.

5. OCA membership card
We are exploring various possibilities and if we are able to complete the validation process of our database then we will be in a position to issue cards to OCs.

6. Greeting Cards
We sent out Season’s Greetings wishes to OCs through the online platforms. We have received favourable feedback.

7. Association with the school
The Principal Prof. Dr.Edwin Christopher attended our AGM held on Aug 2020. This is a feather in the cap for the OCA , since no Principal had done the honours to OCA for nearly two decades and we would like to thank Prem Varkey (Past Chairman) for making this happen.

8. St. Peter’s Tide & OC’s Ball
We are exploring online possibilities. If the environment is safe then we may consider resuming our normal physical events.

9. Alumni Mentorship Programme - AMP
We have been working with Mrs Madhuri Nair &  the English department of the school. We have conducted several events with alumni including a Panel Discussion and talks by alumni. If you have someone in mind for a talk then please do send us an e-mail.

10. OCA Chapters across the world
We encourage our various chapters to continue their annual meetings and we are in a position to help with a Zoom corporate account if required. We also encourage OCs across the world to help start chapters in their respective cities.

11. Cottonians Connect
We are working on a series of Cottonians Connect events. The first one will be by Siddharth Rajsekar(ICSE 1999, Elphick) on the 23rd January at 8pm IST.

Amidst the adversity over the year, I am humbled by stories of OCs reaching out to the community and lending a helping hand. It's our endeavour to help share some of these stories. Please reach out to us if you come across an OC who has an inspiring story. We are collaborating with various OCs and groups of OCs from around the world. We are embracing technology and we are upholding our traditional values. Perhaps by connecting OCs we can create possibilities and make things a little bit better in the community. We are cautiously optimistic about the future.

Sunil Mysore
Chairman - Old Cottonians' Association 2020-2021
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