Message from the President
Prof. Dr. S. Edwin Christopher
Principal, Bishop Cotton Boys' School
Dear All,

Greetings to you from the Cottonian Family!

What begins will have to end and that ends will have a new beginning…

My Play Home, School, College, Universities have a significant role to play in one’s life irrespective of the Individuals education and level of attributes these Institutions would have had an impact on the individual.

The subconscious mind would always enable individuals to remember our alma mater for various reasons and for several occasions, which would have created an intense impact in one’s life.

The positive vibrations are genuinely received and accepted in the simplest way of acknowledging that, this event took place during my tenure in the school, university and that is how the relationship is still pruning in the sides of humaneness.

Therefore, never feel too tired, too smart and too exalted to probe the incidents and keep regretting for those to have taken place in ones lives rather move forward with a motto never look left, never look right, but straight on and on.

Feel free to be in touch with your Alma Mater and think how can you fit in to the system and help the present generation to carry on the legacy you have left over, years ago and bear the torch of life to illuminate the lives of the younger ones in the school today!

"I, believe in what you believe... but not blindly but with open eyes in faith…"

Sincerely with good wishes

Prof. Dr. S. Edwin Christopher
Principal, Bishop Cotton Boys' School
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Nec Sinistrorsum