Meet Pat Mamprin, the world’s most active Old Cottonian
Pat Mamprin withMr. M. Matthan in the U.K. (1990)
She attended a couple of the re­ unions of the UK Association London and found the dinner/dance routines a bore. People known to each other formed their own cliques and the newcomers were left lan­guishing with boredom.

Being in business with her husband she had no time to devote to the Association but kept in touch with a large number of friends and managed to organize a Reunion for a visiting friend. Upon retiring, she got in touch with the then Secretary, Zena Godfrey, to ask if she could be of help, and there was no looking back after that. With the help and support of her husband, she took over the running of the U.K. Association. Despite an initial poor response to her letters, she managed to gather an increasing number of members together - also using special appeals in the papers and radio to do this.  She hosted the first Reunion of the Association in September 85 at the Cumberland Hotel in London where curry and rice were among the main features, and she continues this tradition. She also produces two News Letters each year in Jan/Feb and June/July containing snippets of India and everything on Cottons, and OCs the world over. She has selflessly put in a lot of her time and money, among other things, into writing about 1200 letters a year.  Her husband though not an OC acts as a photographer at the Reunions where Cottonians are introduced to each other and are encouraged to introduce new life to the gatherings.

During his visit, to the UK last year, the Chairman, Mr. M. Matthan, was most impressed by the way she carries out her responsibilities and felt that we, in the 'parent' body in Bangalore have a lot to learn from her.

Three cheers to Pat Mamprin. May her numbers increase.
Composed by ANITA BHAT
Excerpts from The Blaze of Glory, IInd Edition 1991